Dulce Aguilar

When we asked Dulce to write a few words about herself, she turned to her friends. “How would you describe me?” she asked on Facebook.

What followed was a continuous torrent, made of dozens of answers. Answers, flooded in, indifferently from yogis she previously trained and friends. Both groups are, indeed, somehow quite indiscernible. Words like graceful, mysterious, motivator, powerful, funny and beautiful. We would personally add: simple. And yet so soothing. A prescription of Dulce is may be what the world needs, right now.

How did you and Jamie find yourself running The Yoga People?

It happened! I truly believe it was destiny as many of the things that have come through this creation are things I never dreamed off.

I meet Jamie in SF in the presence and with the magic of Larry Schultz. On our first date we decided to live together, the rest is history.

We had a little studio in Wimbledon, it suddenly got very full. I remember yogis practicing in our kitchen and using our ladder as a changing room. One night we decided we need it a website and we put together the two things we love the most: Yoga & the Community and care that creates around it, so we went for “The Yoga People”.

We then begun doing Training Courses, asana was the tipping point of a course design, were self empowering and connection are the main intentions. I believe this goal has created a buzz, an energy that attracts to look for more, to be a catalyst of change for oneself and the rest of us.

Europe, Mexico, USA, Thailand … It seems you’re travelling the world all the time. For you is it more of a moving meditation or a search for a place to call home? 

The search of a home has lead me to a moving mediation, were the idea of Home sounds appealing and nurturing. This leads me to wonder how much of Home is inside of us and how much of it is in the outside.

I notice that the constant traveling with its joys and discomforts and the awareness is required when hosting a course has made me live in an slower pace. I live every breath and i do my best to integrated it as my current Home, this has lead me to learn more about myself and the shadows i carry on.

Dulce in five words for the people who don’t know you? And Dulce in five words for the people who know you?

This questions has been huge for me, they created a pause in myself and made me wondered who I am. It’s interesting to describe yourself through your own eyes, as I believe our actions are the ones that speak for us. I want to give special thanks to the TYP community to help me finding out about myself and of course thanks to Catalyst for being the flame [we’re blushing].