This is Nova ™, a fabric soft like silk for silky-like-life (try saying this out loud)

Luxury met sexiness and altogether they created Nova ™. What to wear to yoga? Affordable luxury that's technical too. For the mat and the rest of your life.

Luxury met sexiness and altogether, they created Nova ™, a fabric soft like silk. Forget about not-so-useful innovation like iPhones and trains. We’re focusing on the things that matter the most; feeling good while doing good.

We believe that from time to time you’re allowed to melt in a double scoop of the most elevating elastane. Embrace your skin in a never felt before moment. The kind of moment we’re on Earth for.

What to wear to yoga? Affordable luxury clothing that’s technical too. Taking you from the mat to the rest of your life. A four way stretch, breathable and piling resistant fabric, with retention memory. Key to a long-life garment.

Integrity, in shape and in look.

This is Nova ™. And like for the other guys in our collection (Alea ™ and Elan ™) it did not happen overnight

It’s about finding materials that advance all of us.

And where is Nova ™ made? In France, which is lucky for us because we have a French accent.